ACM is proudly 100% Kiwi family owned and was founded by Chris and Jasmine Cunard in early 2014.

After being made redundant by one of New Zealand’s largest motorhome manufacturers, Chris and his wife Jasmine decided that it was time to give things a go on their own.

Initially, renting a small workshop only big enough to fit three motorhomes, it wasn’t long before Chris’s extensive boat building experience earned him a strong reputation for quality motorhome repairs amongst the major industry brands and saw a queue of motorhomes develop at the door.

Today, ACM employs over 30 staff, has factories in Auckland and Christchurch and builds between 40 and 50 custom motorhomes per year.

ACM also proudly continues to support the major industry brands, insurance companies and private motorhome owners with high quality repair services.

To this day Chris is still out on the factory floor with his trusty companion “Diesel” the German Shepard and with the rest of his team, they work very closely with all their customers to make sure of one thing, quality and first class service, which is something the ACM Family pride themselves on.

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