The Stylish Romotow

The absolute 'headliner' of the Covi TSupershow this year had to be the incredible Romotow T8 prototype caravan on display in all its glory. Interior Designer Matt Wilkie and engineer Stuart Winterbourn couldn't have been prouder over the weekend, finally being able to display to the public the first prototype build of a shared creative dream that has been over 10 years in the making.

Matt and Stuart are the principals of W2 Limited in Christchurch, a well-known archi­tectural design agency with expertise in design of buildings, homes and even bridges. Engi­neering consultancy and interior design are also part of the company's expertise, so though a caravan redesign may seem random, expo­sure to camping while growing up provided the stimulus to create a cool caravan such as they could only dream of as kids. We first featured the team's concept for the Romotow caravan in Issue 46 of RV Travel Lifestyle magazine, back in April 2014.

The concept was to have a U-shaped shell unfurl from the main body of the caravan to create an extra 70 per cent living space, with a covered outside living space. The swivelling design idea was so innovative that the first order of business - once the team had let their creative juices flow - was to register worldwide Patents. The last thing Matt and Stuart wanted was to share their cool idea with someone else in the world who might beat them to production, so this level of protection was established from 2013.

Admittedly it has taken quite a few years to reach this momentous time, having an actual prototype built, but the March Covi Supershow 2023 was the perfect place for the big reveal to the public.

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