We check out Auckland Coach and Motorhomes latest addition to their range – the hand-built and fully customizable Platinum Edition model

One of the star exhibits at this year’s COVI show was a pair of Platinum Edition motorhomes on the stand

manned by Chris Cunard of Auckland Coach and Motorhomes (ACM). These two RVs certainly stood out from the crowd with their handsome European-look exterior styling and expertly constructed, well-designed interiors.

And, while both of these RVs were super desirable, one proved to be a real head-turner due to the custom-built inclusion of a piano! Now, that’s not something you’d normally expect to see in a motorhome – but as Chris pointed out when we chatted to him a few weeks after the show, all manner of special details and features can be chosen by customers.

Indeed, the whole philosophy behind Chris’ creation of the high-end Platinum Edition motorhome was to create a hand-built, bespoke RV specifically tailored to suit the differing requirements of each customer. In achieving his goal, Chris called upon the experience of many years as a boat-builder – the skills acquired in that previous career being well suited to the construction of these motorhomes.