Creating Our Dream Home on Wheels with ACM Motorhomes

At ACM Motorhomes, we understand that finding the perfect motorhome to fit your unique needs can be a challenging task. This is precisely why we were thrilled when Robyn and Peter, our valued clients, decided to embark on a journey to build their dream home on wheels with us. After extensive research and exploration of countless motorhomes, they chose the path of custom building to ensure their new home would meet their off-grid living requirements and provide ultimate comfort and convenience. In this blog post, we will delve into their inspiring journey and why they chose ACM Motorhomes to make their vision a reality.

The Quest for the Perfect Motorhome:
Robyn and Peter's quest for the ideal motorhome began with a clear vision in mind: they wanted a mobile residence that could sustain them 'off the grid' for 4-5 days each week, with ample freshwater, greywater capacity, battery and inverter power, a 3-way fridge, oven, solar panels, and a reliable toilet cassette system.

Narrowing Down the Options:
The search for the perfect motorhome narrowed down their choices significantly. They required a lounge area at the rear with three sides of opening windows, a spacious 2m kitchen bench with a good-sized oven, a North/South bed above the cab to maximize floor space, and abundant storage options.

Discovering ACM Motorhomes:
After eliminating most stock design options, Robyn and Peter turned to ACM Motorhomes in Auckland, where they met Chris Cunard, Malcolm Horne, and their experienced team. Impressed with their expertise and professionalism, they decided to have their dream motorhome custom-built by ACM.

The ACM Platinum 8.3 Motorhome on an Iveco Chassis:
Robyn and Peter's dream motorhome, the ACM Platinum 8.3, was built on a 2021 Iveco Cab and 70C Chassis, allowing for a larger payload capacity to accommodate their extended living requirements. The Iveco Daily cab-chassis is a powerhouse featuring a 3.0-Litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine, offering 155kW/470Nm of power with an 8-speed ZF fully automatic transmission. Safety and comfort were not compromised, as the cab came equipped with advanced features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more.

A Thoughtfully Designed Interior:
The interior design of the motorhome reflects Robyn and Peter's meticulous planning. The spacious 'U' shaped lounge at the rear, inspired by ACM owner Chris Cunard's motorhome, offers ample seating and can be converted into additional beds if needed. The well-equipped kitchen boasts a Corian bench with a custom graphic splash-back, while the North/South Queen bed above the cab is easily accessible with wide anti-slip stairs and LED lighting.

Off-Grid Living Made Easy:
Having lived in their ACM Motorhome for four months now, Robyn and Peter are delighted with their decision. With 400AH batteries and 450 watts of solar panels, they can stay off the grid for extended periods, while the 270lt fresh and grey water capacity ensures they have enough resources for their adventures. The inclusion of two toilet cassettes adds to their freedom, allowing them to stay off-grid without visiting a dump station for longer durations.

A Great Outcome:
Robyn and Peter's journey to create their perfect home on wheels with ACM Motorhomes exemplifies the true essence of customization and attention to detail. We are thrilled to have been a part of their adventure and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional experiences to all our clients who choose to make their dreams a reality with ACM Motorhomes. If you are considering building your own dream motorhome, we are here to make it happen! Visit our website (link) to explore your possibilities today.