The Kiwi-built ACM Platinum 8.3 is the ‘blank canvas’ of motorhomes, allowing new owners to completely customise the layout, decor and more

When MCD caught up with Keran Miller of Kiwi Autohomes late last year, the business was a few years into its distribution relationship with Auckland Coach & Motorhomes (ACM) and it was busy times. Kiwi and ACM have just launched their new top-of-line model, the ACM Platinum 8.3, and it’s already proving popular with orders from this year’s Covi show filling the books for the rest of the year. You’d be forgiven if, at first glance, the fine craftsmanship and high-spec detailing led you to think this was a European import. But, like all ACM models, the Platinum 8.3 was carefully crafted right here in New Zealand.

ACM is headed by Chris Cunard, a boat builder by trade who moved into the motorhome industry several years ago and quickly became a highly sought-after retrofitter and repairer. Kiwi became the sole distributor for all ACM products in 2015.

“Deciding on the layout and details of your motorhome can be a daunting task,” Keran says. “But our team brings together many years of skill and experience to turn that daunting task into one that’s enjoyable, exciting, and very rewarding.”